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Bot Marketing: Everything You Need To Know

Written by Ali Raza Zain

As the popularity of bots continues to grow, so does the potential for bot marketing. And with the rise of messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Slack, businesses are increasingly turning to bots as a way to communicate with their customers. When done correctly, bot marketing can be an extremely effective way to reach and engage with your customers.

If you're thinking about incorporating bot marketing into your marketing strategy, this article is for you. Keep on reading to learn more about bot marketing and how it can help your business stand out from the crowd.

What Is Bot Marketing?

Bot marketing, as the name suggests, is the process of using bots in your digital marketing efforts, specifically on your website. As we'll see below, these bots can perform a variety of tasks related to your marketing campaigns.

The main benefit of marketing bots is that they help automate your marketing, allowing you to focus on other elements of operating your business while satisfying your target audience.

How To Use Bots in Your Marketing Strategy?

Marketing bots have recently become a popular form of automation. It's similar to a wind-up toy. You create it to do what you want it to, then wind it up and let it run on its own. This can help you save time and complete tasks more efficiently. You won't have to worry about the human error if you program the bot correctly.

Bots haven't been trendy for long; therefore, many bot possibilities are still being explored. However, there are several ways to integrate bots into your digital marketing strategies. Here are some ways you can use bots in your marketing strategy:

Personalize the user experience

According to a study, personalized ads are preferred by 71% of customers. Customers, in fact, love personalization. If you do not provide that personalized experience, you may be losing to your competitors.

TUsing bots for personalization is much easy than it appears. Bots can be personalized by providing "quizzes" or a series of questions. By utilizing chatbot marketing, chatbots may be programmed to collect user data and transform it into a personalized experience.

This concept is applicable to all types of bots. The Facebook Messenger bot, in particular, can be easily personalized. The goal is to provide the user with a number of options. The bot will then display results based on the user's choice. This allows a comprehensive, personalized response at each stage of the customer journey.

Promoting your products

Your ongoing marketing campaign should include the promotion of your services and products. Marketing bots can assist with this time-consuming task by promoting products and displaying your offer to encourage the client to complete the purchase.

You may also share company news and updates to keep your customers up to date on your latest services and products.

Qualify your leads

Marketing bots can even generate qualified leads for you. Lead management can often give you a headache. Leads may be difficult to nurture, and while the end result is worthwhile, the process can be exhausting. So why not assign this responsibility to a bot?

You can program sets of questions to determine a customer's position in the marketing funnel. This works amazingly well, and your customers won't even realize they're speaking with a bot.

Integrate bots with messaging platforms

This is where bots truly excel. Chatbots are very popular on messaging platforms. That makes perfect sense. After all, the majority of bots are meant to interact with your customers.

There are several bots available for Slack and Facebook Messenger in particular. Slack bots are ideal for behind-the-scenes use at your company, whereas Facebook Messenger bots are ideal for lead generation.

Scheduling appointments

You may use a marketing chatbot to make it quick and easy for clients to arrange their next appointment with you. You can accomplish this by linking your calendar to the chatbot, which will then ask potential customers for the time, date, and contact information in order to schedule an appointment while you are occupied with other tasks. This is extremely helpful for service-based companies, such as beauty salons or fitness training centers.

Gather data and conduct research

Bots are wonderful for helping with marketing research. To begin with, they can help you perform more effective searches by collecting data from around the web in response to your queries. They can also examine your site traffic and provide you with instant analytics insights.

You may also use these bots to collect information about your website visitors. Chatbots may conduct survey-like questions about users' demographics, interests, locations, and more while they chat with them. Many visitors will respond voluntarily, providing you with valuable information that might help you improve your digital marketing process.

Organize your team

When we talk about "marketing strategy," we often think of SEO, Facebook Ads, and blog articles. We rarely consider team performance. However, this is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy.

Within teams, there is usually some conflict. Getting everyone on the same page will help you eliminate any conflicts and complete tasks more efficiently.

Bots such as Standup Bot and Nikabot make this task much easier. These bots help you keep track of what everyone on your team is up to and keep everyone in the loop. These tools are especially beneficial if you work on a remote team.

Tips For Setting Up Marketing Bots

There are a few things to consider if you decide to use marketing bots. Here are three things to remember when setting your bots:

1. Maintain a balance of human and bot components

One mistake to avoid is depending too much — or too little — on bots. Naturally, you want bots to do anything they can since the more you automate, the simpler your work will be. But there's a limit, and you don't want to go over it.

Essentially, you can use bots for as many things as you like, but don't completely eliminate humans from the equation. When consumers have questions that your chatbots aren't qualified to answer, provide them a way to contact a real person on your sales team. As a result, set your chatbots to link users with human customer service reps when the bots are unable to fulfill their demands.

2. Don't be obtrusive or irritating

Secondly, you must avoid making your bots obtrusive and unpleasant to site visitors. Many bots allow you to greet people as soon as they arrive on your site by displaying a pop-up box.

This is sometimes useful, but not always. Many users are irritated by having to shut out of the box in order to continue surfing your site, especially if they are already dealing with other pop-ups and notifications.

If you're not sure whether to use the pop-up greeting feature, you can always perform some A/B tests to determine if users like it. If not, it's preferable to disable automated pop-ups and just let users choose whether or not to interact with the chatbot.

3. Be honest about your automation.

Last but not least, you should avoid misleading people about your chatbots. Some businesses disguise their bots as real humans, giving them human names and profile images. That's OK at first, but things start to fall apart when people start asking questions that the bot can't answer.

People don't like being misled, which includes being led to believe that a bot is a real person. They'll be irritated when they find "Dave from Sales" is merely an automated program rather than a customer service agent, especially if they've just spent the previous fifteen minutes trying to get a straight answer.

As a result, make it clear to users that your chatbot is, in fact, a chatbot. That way, they'll know what to expect when they use it.

How To Identify Signs and Determine If You Have a Bot Problem

There are several methods you can use to identify if bots are troubling you. Among them are the following:

High click rate but low conversion rate: You may have a bot problem if you observe a quick rise in clicks but little to no conversions.

Shopping carts left abandoned: Bots are unable to finish a purchase. You may have a bot problem if you see a high bounce rate or visitors placing things in carts and leaving them behind.

Unfamiliar traffic sources: Examine your traffic data. Bad traffic might come from large data centers, sending numerous clicks from the same IP address. This is a red signal if your traffic is originating from somewhere other than your target audience.

Impressions remain constant after deploying "invalid traffic" solutions: Not all human-generated traffic will be valid. If you implement methods to reduce invalid traffic but see no decline in user impressions, your supplier is most likely using bots to increase the impression count.

These are just a few methods for detecting bots that are populating your page and posing as real users. When you observe some of these signs, you'll need a way to determine if you're dealing with bots or whether another problem is causing your poor results. Luckily, Keenly Digital can help you diagnose the problem and bring you back into the competition.

Get The Most Out Of Your Bot Marketing With Keenly Digital

Bots are an excellent approach to improving your site design, but they cannot solve all of your problems. A website that engages your target audience requires an experienced team, and Keenly Digital has just the right team for you.

When you hire us for web design, you'll get assistance in designing a website that ranks high in search results, generates conversions and provides the site visitors with a good customer service experience. As your go-to digital marketing agency, we'll do all the work for you, so you can just sit back and see your business excel.

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