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State of Digital Marketing in the Post Covid-19 World

Written by Amina Amin

Since the dominance of Covid-19 all over the world, the effects on global economy have been widely felt. The covid-19 crises has severely affected many businesses and industries. Although, most of them have already recovered from the devastating impacts of the global public health virus by refactoring their business logic, some are still recovering from the crippling effects of the pandemic.

Laws on social distancing meant that the businesses were either forced to shut down or work remotely. In doing so, most of the businesses have seen sharp declines in revenue and customer inquiries. The covid-19 pandemic has shown that majority of people around the world are searching for services and products online. With a 300 percent rise in online sales, the consumer's demand for buying goods and services is still very much alive.

Although many of the businesses are still struggling, there is an absolute need and potential to capitalize on this new standard of doing business.


• Taking Advantage of the Situation:

The existing world is filled with possible risks for digital marketers, but also with amazing opportunities to meet clients in a captive state. In the first few months of the lockdown, though there was panic, digital marketing companies rapidly adapted and introduced strategies to take full advantage of the situation. Digital marketers have been busy ensuring that their firms have adjusted their digital marketing strategies to take maximum advantage of the online opportunities which lay ahead of them.

• New Strength of Online Businesses:

The pandemic has improved the rate at which we are going digital and has given many online businesses new strength. The people have never been so dependent on Amazon or Zoom to simply get through the day. The digital marketers should make decisions that utilize the people’s new dependence on technology to their advantage.

• Taking Digital Marketing as a Career:

In 2017, a report claimed that there was a 56 percent need for digital marketers. On the other hand, those capable of satisfying the market's needs and demands were just 24 percent. The need for professional digital marketers would at least get tripled by this point next year. This will inevitably lead to the development of a young, smarter batch of experts in digital marketing. With the evolving needs of the digital market, many businessmen will see an opportunity and move to take it up as a career.

Hurdles Faced By Digital Marketing Agencies:

• Seeking More Clients:

To make money, every organization needs clients, and digital marketing companies are no exception. But, in attracting and acquiring customers, they face particular challenges. Digital marketing can be a difficult job. Due to heavy competition after the COVID-19 pandemic, getting in front of the other digital marketing agencies is challenging. In the competitive market, even if you manage to do so, being distinguished from the other agencies is difficult.

• Seeking and Keeping the Skilled Minds:

In order to build a successful digital marketing agency, it is important to recruit the right staff for the right price. It is not that simple to hire the best and the most skilled minds in the industry. This is yet another hurdle faced by the digital marketing agencies because since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the best minds are already working for the other companies and to convince them to change their company and shift to yours is not an easy task. To keep the skilled people working with your company, it is essential to provide them with a great working environment that encourages them to continue working with you even after the pandemic ends.

• Managing Your Relationships With Customers:

Due to COVID-19, with so much online competition aiming to get your customer’s attention, it is important to make sure that you answer your customer’s inquiries, needs and concerns. While it is important to get new clients for your company, it is even more important to manage relations with your existing clients. Even if you deliver a high quality service to your clients, poorly managed relationships with them can result in customer dissatisfaction. In such crucial times during the pandemic, the loss of customer relationships can be costly to many agencies.

• Maintaining Web Trends:

Due to the global pandemic, people have been spending more time online, as a result of which the digital marketing sphere has expended. But a digital marketer faces many hurdles in keeping the website up to date with the latest trends. If the website is too slow, then there is a risk of losing your customer. If the website is not optimized for mobile, then the users who use mobile to browse through the websites will get frustrated. Finally, if the website is not optimized according to the SEO guidelines, then your website will not even appear in search results. With so much online competition between different companies due to COVID-19, digital marketers face a lot of hurdles in managing all these areas.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing will Expand and Flourish

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are staying home and spending their time online and lesser people go to the stores to buy stuff. The customers are seeking to receive their goods and essentials safely at home, as a result of which, online shopping websites have gained a lot of benefits from this pandemic.

Customers are switching to online shopping methods which means that now most of the businesses will adjust their strategies and policies to market and interact with their customers online. As a result of this development, the horizons of digital marketing will expand.

It is a Necessity to Be Online Now

The pandemic has brought a great change in the way people interact with each other. It has also changed the ways in which the businesses market themselves to their customers and interact with other businesses. With the social distancing laws, traditional marketing (especially face-to-face) is gradually being replaced by digital marketing. Through digital marketing, it will be much easier to connect with your clients online than in person.

Future of Digital Marketing

As long as businesses adapt and follow the right strategies of digital marketing, it will continue to provide long-term value and benefits even after the pandemic ends.

With the ongoing pandemic, the business world is headed towards digital marketing. In order to be up to date with these times, we have to go with the flow and adapt to the changes brought by this virus.

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