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The Story Of Success


For a long time, Better Bodies had a weak social media presence and they lacked the strategies to grow their business on social media platforms. In 2021, Better Bodies approached Keenly Digital for their help in managing their social media networks. They wanted someone to be in charge of their e-marketing and paid advertising - so we took them on as clients!

Email Marketing

Email marketing automation workflows were created denovo to improve conversion rate and client retention.

Ads Management

Ads Management

Laser targeted social media ads were designed and managed. Retargeting was integrated with email marketing.


Cups of Coffee


Months of Working


Sales Improvement

The Story

About Better Bodies

In the early eighties Better Bodies was founded by Mr. Brian Moss, a very famous “fitness guru” in New York. Better Bodies started as a modeling agency for fitness models and now is an eCommerce store for athletes in US.

About The Project

In January 2021, the client reached out to Keenly Digital seeking help with email marketing and advertising. The company wasn’t using email automation systems in an effective way nor were its paid ad campaigns helping. Within only three months of the campaign being launched, our email marketing and advertising efforts drove an increase in website visitors of 12,551 and ramped up the client’s sales by over 11X.

The Solution


Email marketing is a powerful tool for client acquisition and retention. We have literally doubled client sales using email marketing alone. However, we had different plans for better bodies. After creating email automation workflows, we started retargeting ad campaigns to double down on our marketing efforts. The two combined triggered a shopping spree that drove over 45% of products out of stock in just first 40 days.

Full Business Audit

Like always, we planned thoroughly and went in with a full business audit. This helped us understand the underlying problems of the business. We created new, highly converting, landing pages. Tweaked some offers and created new ones.

Email Automation Workflow

We used Klaviyo to create an E-commerce email automation solution. We created offer based email campaigns, updated cart abondonment email workflow, and tweaked the aftersale email flow. We also integrated email marketing with retargeting ad campaigns and it further helped us gain more followers.

Ad Campaigns Management

The business was relying solely on front end boosting. However, after taking on the project we created dedicated E-commerce ad campaigns that were focused on generating awareness, involvement, and loyalty. These campaigns were further augumented by laser targeted sales based campaigns. The landers had retargeting pixels and we carefully monitored conversion events to boost our ad conversions.

The Success

Of Our Work


Google Ranking


Account Spend Reduction


Traffic Improvement


Increased Sales

In The Words Of Our Client

Nobody could do what Keenly Digital did in just 3 months. I would dare admit the fact that we were not prepared for such heavy traffic, and it took us a while to get used to such high volume of leads. The phone kept ringing all the day, and no day ever since has been a free day.

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